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Why Choose Official Mining Rigs?

Official Mining Rigs, (OMR-Ohio), is a Blockchain Technology company focusing on the most Efficient Large-Scale Cryptocurrency Mining Farm installation in the United States of America. Strategically Based in Dayton, Ohio directly accessible to I-70 and I-75 reducing incoming shipping times and allowing fast retail outgoing shipping times across the United States.

We can provide you with everything you need to succeed in Crypto - from design, equipment sourcing to build-out. We've worked with customers from the Philippines to the United States and are capable of getting (almost) any installation to you - Worldwide. 

Contact us today to get a strategically priced quote with no obligations attached. 

"As we move toward an integrated world with Crypto, mining will become much more common. Auto shops, bakery’s and many other businesses will  supplement their income with Crypto.

Learn how crypto can benefit you Today."

-OfficialMiningRigs (2018)



Dayton, Ohio USA